Barrel Saunas

Barrel Saunas are the perfect way to stay warm and sweat out all the negative chemicals in your body

A major advantage of the barrel sauna is its round shape, this provides good air circulation and the inside area of the barrel are smaller resulting in the sauna heating up faster meaning less time until you can enjoy it. High quality stainless steel retainers ensure that the tires can be tightened again tightly during a dry season so the sauna bars again fit together. The vents provide good air circulation in the sauna so the barrel sauna will warm quickly. Molded polyethylene under feet which ensure a long life. The sauna is supplied with a special sauna lamp bucket, spoon and thermometer. The comfortable and spacious sofas ensure that you optimally can enjoy the sauna session. These saunas are made from A grade 38MM knot-free red cedar wood making sure the barrel sauna will almost always be watertight.

Barrel Saunas can be positioned indoors or outdoors and will add beauty to your garden

It is built using the finest European red cedar which is a natural resistance to insects and decay damage. Due to its unique shape it offers strength, stability and is very energy efficient with virtually no ongoing maintenance. The sauna is shipped on a pallet and can be easily assembled within hours or we offer an installation service. Please be aware we only sell quality NON KNOTTED cedar barrel saunas. There are cheaper versions available but these have knots and this can affect the integrity of the wood especially with heat.

Saunas are proven to help with the following:

  • Reduce signs of ageing
  • Fight cellulite
  • Give natural pain relief
  • Strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • Boost your mood
  • Improve your immune system
  • Fight insomnia
  • Jet lag and hangovers
  • Promote healing (i.e. sports injuries)
Saunas in Bournemouth, Dorset
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