Your Hot Tub Running Cost

Did you know that there are some factors that can influence the running costs of your Hot Tub and Swim Spa?

Heat losses and usage are two of those factors that you can control!

Let's start by talking about the water volume, it needs heating and it will have an impact. The bigger the amount of water that needs heating, the higher the cost. Some hot hubs can hold around 1,000 litres, whilst swim spas can often be in excess of 10,000 litres.

The water temperature is frequently set between 36°C to 40°C, but during the summer, mainly when we have a very hot weather, you can reduced that temperature to make it more enjoyable. The higher the water temperature, the more energy will be needed to keep it, hence the higher the costs.

The ambient temperature has an influence, when the hot tub is uncovered. The higher the difference between the temperature of the water and the temperature of the ambient air, the faster that heat is lost. There will generally speaking, higher costs for heating your hot tub in the winter than in the summer, but yes we know it is fun to use it on a cold day having the same time the Sun out and a lovely blue sky.

The way you use your Hot Tub is another aspect. The more you use it the more energy you need - where the cover is off and the pumps (and blowers, where fitted) are running - not only you have to factor in electricity consumption to drive the pump and the blower, but all that agitated and aerated water mainly at a surface level will lose that heat quicker than when the water is flat and calm. 

Another point is the location of your hot tub, depending whether it is installed indoors or outdoors. It will have an influence on running costs, because indoor hot tubs normally have a much higher year-round ambient temperature than an outdoor hot tub, and this means lower costs than an outdoor hot tub. But this point is a tricky one, because an indoor hot tub will require some special equipment installed to keep the humidity and temperature of the air indoors at reasonable levels.

When you are not using the hot tub, always make sure that the cover is put back on the hot tub, and that it fits and it is adjusted to avoid any gaps where heat can escape. Look after your cover to extend its life-span making more durable. An old or broken cover can take on water making it heavier for any user to lift it on and off, but it will reduce the heat retention. If your cover is heavy like this, replace it straight away. 


What are your hot tub costs?

The cost of electricity varies a lot, and luckily for you our hot tubs are much more cost effective than our competitors. Hence, the tariff that you are on will have an impact on how much you pay, and it is good practice to make sure you keep an eye on the usual comparison between the Hot Tubs to ensure you are always on the best utility deal. The costs can range between £1.00 to £2.00 per day for an average use of a half hour per day, this is using a quality hot tub from a reputable manufacturer like is ours at KikBuild.

All our hot tubs are energy efficient, and quite often hot tubs which are advertised very cheaply can be poorly insulated, reason why KikBuild always shows you the information about how cost effective they are to run, and show you published figures.

Water treatment chemicals are the other costs linked to owning and running a hot tub. Chemicals are vital as a requirement in ensuring that the water is maintained clear, clean and hygienic. A good advantage is that hot tubs have small volumes of water depending on the model, reason why this needs small quantities of water treatment chemicals to keep it maintained. Give yourself an annual budget of about £300 and this should cover your water treatment chemical needs, but of course if you area a heavier user then you will need a bigger budget.

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