The Delight Hot Tub




The Delight Hot Tub Spa

KikBuild Hot Tubs Spas is pleased to present The Delight Hot Tub Spa. A very popular Hot Tub Spa with families due to the variety of seating configurations.

There are two comfortable loungers designed for different body lengths and extensive massage therapy with various features, including Fonteyn Spas propriety Aqua Rolling Massage.

The Delight Spa incorporates all of the quality construction features Fonteyn Spas is known for and KikBuild offers, including moulded base, synthetic frame, and thick fibreglass laminate backing the acrylic surface; everything needed to ensure the user a lifetime of enjoyment.

As with all Fonteyn KikBuild Spas, the Delight has three layers of insulation, heat-lock design and our award winning Hybrid Heating, making the spa energy efficient for low-cost operation.