Finnish Saunas

A Finnish sauna stands for quality, durability and value.

Finnish saunas were created thousands of years ago, when stones in a pit were heated until they were red-hot. Subsequently, water was thrown over it, making plenty of steam, this was were Finnish saunas were created. Finnish saunas can be inside, but also outside for even more relaxation. Finnish saunas can be placed in almost any location, inside, under a sloping roof, outside in a garden house. The Finnish sauna is suitable for medical purposes and research shows that they have a very positive effect on the health of human beings, but may also help to lose weight.

The range of Finnish saunas

Choosing the perfect Finnish sauna is a difficult job. We specialise in Saunas so would be happy to provide any advice and information in helping you choose the right sauna for you as well as advice for the best site, stoves, etc. A Finnish sauna also offers many practical advantages. Our wood saunas are not only beautiful and relaxing, they again go a lot longer. The wooden saunas Kikbuild supply you can provide fun and relaxation for the whole family.

Thanks to our broad range you can be happy that you will find the perfect fit for you no matter what type you have in mind