Happy Cocooning Terrace Fireplace Rectangle Teak Anthracite




Happy Cocooning Patio Fireplace Cocoon Table Rectangular Teak.

The Cocoon Table is a very contemporary solution to the often desireable fireplace.The absence of the chimney makes the Cocoon Table accessible to anyone.The cozy gas fireplace at the Cocoon Table provides warmth and cosiness and will extend the evening in a particularly feeling at home sensation. It is always nice to sit around the fire and that is Happy Cocooning.

Please note that the table should be connected to propane or butane gas with a 30 mbar regulator.The Cocoon Table Fire is fed by a Gas Fireplace with stainless steel burner of 19.5 kW, nicely camouflaged with lava rocks and logs making the fire to resemble wood burning flames.The core is ignited by the electronic igniter and the height of the flame is adjustable by a rotary knob, both finely processed in a stainless steel control panel.

incl. lava rocks, logs, gas hose (2.5 meters) and a PVC cover.

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