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KikBuild Passion Cube Hot Tub Spa

This Spa is the perfect solution for anyone interested in purchasing a high-end spawith the best performance, allowing them to enjoy a home spa with their partner, family or friends. Passion spas have been manufacturers of spas since 1988 and design their products always with a view to the needs of our customers. The Spa Cube has been designed to offer a perfect spa session with all possible details. The Spa Cube has an ice bucket, which you can allow to cool your favorite drink, and two long headrests for maximum comfort in your spa.

Intensive treatment of the back muscles with water massages promotes circulation and the lymphatic system, ensures a pleasant muscle relaxation and relieves symptoms caused by everyday stress, poor posture or sporadic and unusual overload. Circulation is improved by massage of the legs and calves, which also has a lipo-active and modeling operation of the body beauty treatments. The massage with water jets in the calf muscle relaxant works with excessive physical exertion

KikBuild are Hot Tub Spa Specialists in Serving the UK
KikBuild offer great value, superb quality customer service, with the added benefit of supplying and installing in and around Many Areas in the UK. Spa prices shown exclude installation, but we'd be happy to discuss your specific requirements, just drop us an Email or give us a call on Land Line +44 (0)1202 269740 or Just Click here: FaceTime Sales or here: Mobile Sales