The Joy Hot Tub Spa




KikBuild Joy Hot Tub Spa | Quality 7 Person Spa

Our KikBuild Joy Spa has deep, wide bucket seats, a trademark feature of the Joy Spa. An outstanding value for money Hot Tub experience, this spa is packed with a different massage jet configuration for each seat, delivering an invigorating personal massage every time

Great Value and a Home Jacuzzi Experience

Perfect for entertaining, family use or just simply relaxing, the Joy spa offers seating for a total of up to seven people. For your complete comfort, this smart spa also includes Aqua Rolling Massages as well as the fully programmable control system found on all Spas

KikBuild are Hot Tub Spa Specialists Serving the UK
KikBuild offer great value, superb quality customer service, with the added benefit of supplying and installing around Most of the United Kingdom. Spa prices shown exclude installation, but we'd be happy to discuss your specific requirements, just drop us an Email or give us a call us!