Module Cabin and Summer Houses

The Module Cabins and Summer Houses are the perfect design to go with Your Hot Tub and Sauna

The ultimate way to enjoy the summer is with a Summer House or a practical Module Cabin from KikBuild. Our staff will assist you in making the right choice depending on your budget style and space. We can advise on the construction of a log cabin, but also about the type of garden house that best suits you and how you can decorate your home. Buying a shed requires a lot of orientation, but the our staff will be happy to assist you throughout the journey.

Summer Houses that suit your taste and style

You have your own taste and style for which we can accommodate. We also have log cabins suitable as additional office, studio or guest quarters. Think next to your shed, also about matching furniture in the form of a lounge to fully complete your garden. Feel free to check our complete overview garden houses. We include wood, metal, plastic garden houses, sheds and greenhouses. There's always something that suits you.

Summer Houses in Bournemouth, Dorset

If you live in the Bournemouth, Dorset area and are looking to improve the value of your home with a Summer House we can give you a personalised service.