Tables Lamps

Traditional or Contemporary Table Lamps can brighten any Family Room

Creating warm ambience in your home is easy with the right lighting. Table lamps can brighten a space and bring visual interest to any room. With both a practical and decorative element, table lamps are go-to accessories for any living room, family room, home office and bedroom.

In a room with a high ceiling fixture or no light fixture at all, a table lamp offers much-needed light for reading or writing. A table lamp on an accent table is practical in hallways and entryways to illuminate frequently traveled paths, while on a side table it adds balance to a sofa or chair. As a decorative accessory, lamps add style, colour and texture to your decor.

Lamps should complement your furniture pieces and overall decorating concept. There are many tasteful choices you can make. If your style is cottage, Arts and Crafts or traditional, a beautifully crafted style lamp might be just the thing. Traditional-style lamps often boast intricate details such as fluting and carved or cast motifs. Common traditional shapes include turned columns and urns. Mid-century style lamps may feature any number of artisanal, geometric or botanical design details. Modern-style lamps or contemporary styles lamps may be bold in colour and irregular or geometric in shape. Many of our table lamp designs are also available as floor lamps, so you can easily coordinate your look.

Table lamps are a bright way to shed some light in any room. At KikBuild, you'll find the selection you need to complete your style in every space.